For the time being, I’ve opted to not have an official shop on my website. That being said, if you’re interested in ordering a physical or digital copy of one of my comics you can email me at kumerish@gmail.com. Digital copies of my self-published comics are available on a Pay-What-You-Can basis. Alternatively, for $3 a month you can gain access to all of my comics through patreon.
    Shipping in Canada, is usually around $4 a book and $8-12 to the US for one or two books respectively. Payments through PayPal. 

I currently have:

  •    A Gleaming No. 1 for $10 CAD (54 pages, B&W, self-published, 2018, 2020 edition)
  •    A Gleaming No. 2 for $20 CAD (114 pages, B&W, self-published, 2020) 
  •   Original art for sale! If you like a drawing, painting, or comic page you’ve seen chances are I have the original for sale. 


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