Adam de Souza

Cartoonist & Illustrator

Adam de Souza


Creator of the award-winning comic strip Blind Alley and the recently released graphic novel The Gulf.

The Gulf
Blind Alley



Indie Press & Self Published comics. 

Ex Mag V (Fall 2024)

30-page story titled “Zoonosis” about the first vampiric infection. 

300 pages. Peow2.

Ish (2022)

A collection of comics and zines circling a theme.

Contains the original edition of Ish (2018), & So You Write It Down (2019), and coda (2022). 

Nominated for Emerging Talent Doug Wright Award (2023). 

56 pages. Silver Sprocket.

A Gleaming (2018 & 2020) 

Strange lights hang above the city as a group of friends reunite after a few distant years for a party - for old times sake. A Gleaming is a story about the purgatory of young adulthood.

Nominated for the Pig Skin Peter and Nipper Doug Wright Awards (2021). 

A Gleaming #2 was funded in part by the Ontario Arts Councils Recommender Grant for Comics.

2 issues. 162 pages. B&W. Self Published. Unifinished.

Heard (2019)

A short story for Klub Zin #4. 

20-ish pages. Klub Zin press.

Offering Lemons to Pigeons (2019)

A sketchbook collection of drawings and comics.

Self Published.

camping97 (2018)

A short story about two friends reckoning with what they see in the sky during a camping trip.

Self published as a zine and published on VICE.